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Substantial thanks must be given to Cornelius Heinrichs for his work on preparing a detailed index to the Mennonites found in the 1930 Census of Mexico. Please do read his introduction to understand the context of his index. These kinds of efforts are large and benefit many greatly.

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About the Geography

Mexico is comprised of 31 states, in which Mennonite colonies can be found in six. The Mennonite Historial Atlas (Schroeder, William and Helmut T. Huebert, 1996) identifies the colonies in each of those six as follows. And in each, there are Mennonite villages. In addition to these places, Mennonites have moved to other places, including cities. The Census indexes presented here concern three colonies and those Mennonties living in the city of Cuahtémoc. See Chihuahua entry in GAMEO for more background.

  • Campeche
    • Neuevo Progreso
    • Yalnon and Chavi
  • Chihuahua
    • Buenos Aires
    • Buena Vista
    • El Capulin
    • El Cuervo
    • El Eden
    • La Sombra
    • Las Virginias
    • Manitoba (1922)
    • Nordkolonie
    • Quellekolonie
    • Sabinal
    • Santa Clara (1926)
    • Santa Rita
    • Swift Current (1922)
  • Coahuila
    • Monclova
  • Durango
    • Durango (Hague)
  • Tamaulipas
    • Neueva Padilla
    • Villa de CasasGonzalez
  • Zacatecas
    • La Honda