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1930 Census of Mexico Census – Surnames beginning with C

Substantial thanks must be given to Cornelius Heinrichs for his work on preparing a detailed index to the Mennonites found in the 1930 Census of Mexico. Please do read his introduction to understand the context of his index. These kinds of efforts are large and benefit many greatly.

See also the Main Index to Villages and Surnames, to put these individuals in their neighbourhood and familial context.

Mennonites with Surnames Beginning with C – Mexico Census, 1930
Scan # Village H’hold
Given Name Initial Last Name Sex Marital
Age Country/
State Born
Lives in
own house?
Years Months Days
113 Halbstadt Aganetha Coehn F M 45 USA
113 Halbstadt x Cornelius C Coehn M M 56 Russia ? Yes
113 Halbstadt Eldi Coehn F S 6 USA
113 Halbstadt Elisabeth Coehn F S 5 USA
113 Halbstadt Ida Coehn F S 17 USA
113 Halbstadt Sam Coehn M S 11 USA
123 Schoendorf Katharina Cornelson F H 33 10 18 Canada

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