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1930 Census of Mexico – Cuauhtemoc

Substantial thanks must be given to Cornelius Heinrichs for his work on preparing a detailed index to the Mennonites found in the 1930 Census of Mexico. Please do read his introduction to understand the context of his index. These kinds of efforts are large and benefit many greatly.

Cuauhtemoc Village, Mexico – 1930 Census
Scan # H’hold
Given Name Initial Last Name Sex Marital
Age Country/
State Born
Lives in
own house?
Years Months Days
rj4 X Isaac T Klassen M M 38 Canada yes yes
rj4 Agganeta Klassen F M 30 Canada
rj4 Agganeta Klassen F S 9 Canada
rj4 Isaac Klassen M S 5 Chihuahua
rj4 Peter Klassen M S 3 Chihuahua
rj4 Johan Klassen M S 1 Chihuahua
rj4 X Abraham Friessen M M 52 Canada
rj4 Margareta Bergen F M 50 Canada
rj4 Abraham A Friessen M S 21 Canada
rj4 Catarina Bergen F S 20 Canada
rj4 Ana Friessen F S 17 Canada
rj4 Maria Friessen F S 15 Canada
rj4 Jacob C Friessen M S 14 Canada
rj4 Juan Friessen M S 11 Canada
rj4 Elena Friessen F S 8 Canada
rj4 Agganeta Friessen F S 6 Canada
rj4 X Peter V Wolf M M 54 Canada farmer
rj4 Margareta Wolf F M 38 Canada
rj4 Maria Wiebe F S 75 Russia
rj4 Peter Wiebe M S 53 Canada
rj4 Bernardo Wolf M S 20 Canada
rj4 Elena Wolf F S 18 Canada
rj4 Aganeta Wiebe F S 16 Canada
rj4 Jacob Wiebe M S 15 Canada
rj4 Juana ? Wolf F S 15 Canada
rj4 Ana Wiebe F S 13 Canada
rj4 Cornelius Wiebe M S 12 Canada
rj4 Susana Wiebe F S 10 Canada
rj4 Peter Wiebe M S 9 Canada
rj4 Martin Wiebe M S 8 Canada
rj4 Cornelius Wolf M S 13 Canada
rj6 X Cornelius Wolf M M 24 Canada
rj6 Helena Abrams F M 23 Canada
rj6 Arnoldo Wolf M S 3 Chihuahua
rj6 X Abram Dyck M M 22 Canada
rj6 Helena S Dyck F M 20 Canada
rj9 David Dyck M S 1 Chihuahua
rj9 X Gerhard Voth M M 26 Canada farmer
rj9 Sara Penner F M 25 Canada
rj9 Elizabeth Voth F S 2 Chihuahua
rj9 Ernst Voth M S 2 Chihuahua
rj10 X Cornelius Klassen M M 35 Russia dependant yes
rj10 Helena Klassen F M 31 Russia
rj10 Cornelius Klassen M S 7 Russia
rj10 Margareta Klassen F S 5 Russia
rj10 Ernst Klassen M S 3 Chihuahua
rj10 X David Schultz M M 28 Canada dependant yes
rj10 Susana Schultz F M 25 Canada
rj10 Susana Schultz F S 5 Canada
rj10 X Jacob A Wiebe M M 28 USA banker yes
rj10 Pamsy? Wiebe F M 34 Canada
rj10 X Jacob Rempening M M 50 Russia carpenter yes
rj10 Catalina Schroeder F M 42 Russia
rj10 Juan Rempening M S 19 Russia
rj10 Catalina Rempening F S 18 Russia
rj10 Abraham Rempening M S 11 Russia
rj10 Elizabeth Rempening F S 10 Russia
rj10 Jacob Rempening M S 9 Russia
rj10 Anita Rempening F S 7 Russia
rj10 Enrique Rempening M S 3 Guanajuato
rj10 Helena Rempening F S 1 Chihuahua
rj11 X Sofia Doerksen F W 41 Russia
rj11 Guillermina Doerksen F S 21 Russia
rj11 X David Redekop M M 54 Russia Salesman yes
rj11 Helena Redekop F M 50 Russia
rj11 David Redekop M S 26 Russia Salesman
rj11 Guillermo Redekop M S 24 Russia Salesman
rj11 Gerardo Redekop M S 22 Russia Salesman
rj11 Aron Redekop M S 18 Russia Salesman
rj11 Pedro Redekop M S 15 Russia
rj11 Elisa Redekop F S 23 Russia

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