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MHSA has published several books, publishes a regular newsletter, and has other Mennonite (including family history) books, new and used, for sale. To inquire about a used book, please contact us.

To order books please download and complete the form below and mail it with an enclosed cheque to the address shown on our Contact us page.

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Books for Sale

Coaldale Mennonite Church

A Celebration of Service: Story of MCC Alberta 1965-1991

Alberta Women in Mission

Mennonite Ethnic Cooking

50th Anniversary of Mennonite Conference of AB 1929-1979

Bergthal Mennonite Women in MissionJacob & Justina: Pilgrims – Odessy of a Family

Diary of Anna Baerg

Trail of Connestoga

Journey into Freedom

A Difficult Journey

Molotschna Historical Atlas

Mennonite Historical Atlas

Through the Window of the World

Consider the Threshing Stone

Memories of an Old Colony Weisenamt Manager

Aeltester Johann Loeppky

Through Fire & Water

Pieces and Patches of My Crazy quilt (New & Used)

Dee Easchte Wienanchten enn Kanada

Seeking Places of Peace

Mennonites of Ukraine Amid Civil War

Remember Us – Letters from Stalin/Gulag (1930-1937)

Pushing Through Invisible Barriers

Knowing and Interpreting our Past: Alberta’s Mennonite History

Alfalfa to Ivy

A Hard Passage

Kenn Jie Noch Plautdietsch

The Spelling of Low German

Writing Memoirs and Writing Obituaries

Among the Ashes

Letters of a Mennonite Couple – Nicholai & Katherine Rempel

On the Zweibach Trail

Their Mark: Their Legacy

Mennonite, Politics and Peoplehood

Shepherds Servants and Prophets

The Windmill Turning

The Ben Horch Story

The Mennonite Conference of Alberta

The Mennonites

Mennonite Church Rosemary

Vauxhall Mennonite Church

Neu Samara

Faith Life & Witness in the Northwest, 1903-2003

Mennonites in Canada , 1939-1970 A People Transformed

Mennonites in Canada, 1920-1940 – A Peoples Struggle for Survival

Mennonites in Canada, 1786-1920 The History of a Separate People

Church Family and Village: Essays on Mennonite Life on the West Reserve

Settlers of the East Reserve

Bergthal Gemeinde Buch

Reinlander Gemeinde Buch

Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch

Bergthaler Mennonites

Bergthaler Mennonites Church of Saskatchewan

Mennonite Templars

Constantinoplers: Escape from Bolshevism

Building on the Past

A Generation of Vigilance

Daughters in the City

Kroeger Clocks

Coaldale Hospital Memoirs

Mennonite Estates in Imperial Russia

Mennonties in the Cities of Imperial Russia Vol I

Mennonties in the Cities of Imperial Russia Vol II

Heritage Preservation


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