of Alberta

The Ben Horch Story

by Peter Letkemann

“Once in a generation or two, a gifted, charismatic leader emerges within a religious and ethnic ben horch storycommunity to leave an indelible cultural and spiritual legacy … BenHorch was such a leader in the sphere of music. His unique musical gifts were graced with an infectious personality and a genuine love and respect for people of all faiths and cultures… He not only possessed a remarkable musical ear, but he always sought to hear the inner musical “heartbeat” of music students, fellow musicians and of the choirs and congregations he worked with.The Ben Horch Story will supply a rich fund of information for a fresh generation of scholars, authors and musical leaders. Former students, singers and orchestral players of Ben Horch, who loved and emulated him, will indeed be grateful to be alive to read this superbly written and engaging story.” — George Wiebe