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Olfert (176)5237 Olfert, Abr. Abr. (1902)
4252 Olfert, Abram Aron (1899)
4220 Olfert, Abram Johann (1872)
3900 Olfert, Aganetha (1882)
0194 Olfert, Heinrich (1889)
5148 Olfert, Heinrich Johann (1884)
4221 Olfert, Johann Abr. (1900)
3900 Olfert, Johann Johann (1881)
3900 Olfert, Katharina (1908)4887 Olfert, Katharina Johan (1908)
3900 Olfert, Katharina (1908)
0194 Olfert, Margareta (1893)
4221 Olfert, Margareta (1901)
4076 Olfert, Margaretha (1850)
5148 Olfert, Margaretha (1892)
5149 Olfert, Margaretha (1908)
3900 Olfert, Katharina (1908)
4887 Olfert, Katharina Johann (1908)4220 Olfert, Maria (1879)
4252 Olfert, Maria (1901)
4220 Olfert, Peter (1908)Ott (288)

1838 Ott, Aganeta (1885)
1838 Ott, Heinrich Dietrich (1885)
1838 Ott, Helena (1906)


Privacy of Living Persons: In order to protect the privacy of persons on the CMBoC records who may still be living, the MHSA has decided to remove the images of these records from the website. The persons listed here were all born 100 years ago or earlier (i.e. 1908 or earlier). Persons born later will be added on an annual basis.The name shown here is as given on the record, i.e. at the time of arrival in Canada. So, in the case of many females, this represents their married names. In some cases, for either gender, it may represent an adopted name. The parentheses after each name contains their birth year as shown on the record.Improved Index: The CMBoC index pages now groups heads of households on the basis of the GRANDMA surname codes (PDf p4). By using these codes,  all the variant spellings of each surname are given a single code value, such as 001 for Abrams, Abrahams and other variations of that surname.  This makes it much easier to find a particular surname in large lists or in databases, searching by code number rather than by trying all the possible ways that the surname may be spelled.Copies of Records: We invite inquiries and will respond to individual requests for research copies. If possible, cite both full name of household head and four-digit record number in your request. In order to acknowledge our time in filling such requests, we request $10 payment per record supplied in jpg format by e-mail attachment. If you visit the MHSA you can conduct the search yourself and there is no search fee.

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