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Busau Church Records, Busau, Crimea -I

These individuals can be found in the merged Busau Mennonite Church Record gedcom and zipped gedcom files. This index includes the person’s birthdate.

If the gedcom file is imported into a New Brothers’ keeper database, the number will correspond to the BK ID Number.

To download your copy, see information is available about the records, files and church from the Busau Homepage

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Click on a letter above to view an index of people who are mentioned in the church records and who have a surname starting with that letter.

358 Isaak, Abraham
611 Isaak, Anna (16 Aug 1864)
1557 Isaak, Bernhard
297 Isaak, Diedrich
2069 Isaak, Elisabeth
1290 Isaak, Heinrich (10 Aug 1860)
609 Isaak, Heinrich (28 Jul 1822)
1292 Isaak, Helena (16 Dec 1895)
1556 Isaak, Jakob
431 Isaak, Katharina (13 Apr 1866)
524 Isaak, Margaretha
2129 Isaak, Maria (21 Sep 1886)
813 Isaak, Maria
433 Isaak, Peter
612 Isaak, Peter

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