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Mennonite Church Records, Vauxhall-Grantham, Alberta

The MHSA has in its archival vault 3 cm of holdings from the Vauxhall Mennonite Church: an events register (as required by the Alberta government, to record baptisms, marriages and burials), a church register (which records the family groups that were members of the congregation including their births, baptisms, marriages and deaths), and a set of correspondence and notes pertaining to membership transfers to and from the Vauxhall Mennonite Church.

Below are links to the indices developed for the events register (baptisms and marriages) and a full transcription of the deaths and funerals. We hope to add information from the church register before long as well. Further information on the congregation can be found online in the MHSA’s Archival Description of the fonds, and the Vauxhall Mennonite Church History (available for purchase from the MHSA).

Thank you to Myrna Belyea for transcribing the records.

Last updated 13 Oct 2007

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