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Mennonite Church Records, Vauxhall-Grantham, Alberta

Register of Deaths and Funerals, 1941-1996

The following table of information has been transcribed from the government-required events register by Myrna Belyea, volunteer with the MHSA. As the term “transcription” implies, the information is portrayed in the form it was found in the church register, that is, on an event-by-event basis. Such registers are used to document the information that a church needs to provide to the vital statistics department of the provincial government. This is why they do not appear in the family group format often employed by Mennonite churches.

Name of Deceased
Place of Death
Date of Death
Date of Birth
Place of Internment
Date of Burial
Cause of Death
Officiating Clergyman
Heinrich Bergen M. Grantham, Alta 5 May 1943 Nov 11, 1897 Vauxhall 8 Jun 1943 Paral Wm. Martens
Jacob Franz M. Grantham, Alta 1 Aug 1941 Nov 12, 1878 Vauxhall 4 Aug 1941 Paral Wm. Martens
Margaretha Fast F. Grantham, Alta 2 Mar 1945 Aug 1, 1861 Vauxhall 4 Mar 1945  — Wm. Martens
Sara Born F. Grantham, Alta 26 Nov 1948 13 Dec 1927 Vauxhall 30 Nov 1948  — F. Janzen
Anna Schulz M. Saskatoon 31 Oct 1950 Feb 26, 1871 Saskatoon 5 Nov 1950  — G. Zacharias
Margaretha Bergen F. Grantham, Alta 20 Sep 1951 Dec 8, 1887 Vauxhall 24 Sep 1951 Paralized Wm. Martens
Gertrude Loewen F. Grantham, Alta 20 Oct 1952 23 Sep 1902 Vauxhall 26 Oct 1952 Heart att. Wm. Martens
Franz Loewen M. Grantham, Alta 6 May 1951 17 yrs of age Vauxhall 9 Jun 1951 Accident Wm. Martens
Sara Martens F. Grantham, Alta 20 May 1953 Jan 6, 1894 Vauxhall 25 May 1953 Suddenly P. Schellenberg
Karl K. Redekop M. Grantham, Alta 17 Aug 1954 Dec 8, 1883 Vauxhall 21 Aug 1954 Heart att. W. Martens
John P. Fehr M. Taber, Alberta (Hospital) 11 Jul 1964 17 Feb 1917 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 14 Jul 1964 Cancer J.R. Krause
Carla Doreen Janzen F. Lethbridge Municipal Hospital, Lethbridge, AB 19 Dec 1965 18 Dec 1965 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 22 Dec 1965 Brain Hemorrhage J.R. Krause
Matthew Giesbrecht M. Taber Municipal Hosp. Still Birth, 29 Dec 1960 Still Birth, 29 Dec 1960 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 31 Dec 1960 Still birth J.R. Krause
Henry P. Klassen M. At Home 19 Feb 1966 Mar 24, 1885 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 23 Feb 1966 Heart Failure J.R. Krause
Frank P. Janzen M. Invalid Home, Rosthern, Sask. 15 Nov 1966 Nov 11, 1889 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 19 Nov 1966 Pneumonia J.D. Nickel
Peter Schulz M. Coaldale Hospital 29 Feb 1968 28 Sep 1901 Coaldale Menn. Cem 3 Mar 1968 Heart Attack Peter Retzlaff
Abraham Loewen M. Taber Gen Hosp 29 Oct 1971 Oct 28, 1892 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 2 Nov 1971 Cancer Menno I. Bergen
Marvin Bill Redkop M. Calgary, Alta 9 Sep 1975 18 Nov 1953 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 13 Sep 1975 Accident Menno I. Bergen
William Gerhard Martens M. Winnipeg, Man 11 Jan 1976 Aug 29, 1892 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 16 Jan 1976 Heart attack Peter Retzlaff
Katherine Klassen F.  Lethbridge Municipal Hospital 30 Jun 1976 Nov 8, 1895 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 5 Jul 1976 Stroke Rev. J.R. Krause
Lawrence Wayne Redekop M. Vauxhall, Alta 16 Jan 1977 6 Oct 1956 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 20 Jan 1977 Toboggan Accident Rev. J.R. Krause
Albrecht Schwab M. Taber General Hospital 14 Apr 1978 May 26, 1899 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 17 Apr 1978 Cancer Frank Dyck & Willie Wiebe
Anna Janzen F.  —  — May 15, 1893 Vauxhall Menn. Cem.  —  — Willie Wiebe
Margaretha Redekop F. Lethbridge Municipal Hospital 23 Apr 1981 Jan 23, 1899 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 27 Apr 1981  — Dave Dyck & Willie Wiebe
Agnes Dick F. Coaldale, AB 18 Jan 1989 July 25, 1897 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 23 Jan 1989 Heart Failure David Dyck, Bob Crosland, Bill Wiebe
John J. Dick M. Lethbridge, AB 1 May 1989 Oct 2, 1898 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 6 May 1989 Old Age, Heart Attack Bob Crosland, Bill Wiebe
Jacob Schulz M. Vauxhall, Alta 20 Jun 1989 22 Jan 1909 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 22 Jun 1989 Heart attack Bob Crosland, Bill Wiebe
Katherina Schulz (Tena) F. Lethbridge, AB 21 Aug 1992 12 Feb 1925 Vauxhall Menn.Cem. 25 Aug 1992 Heart attack Nick Dyck, Bill Wiebe
Frank Janzen Jr. M. Calgary, AB 24 Aug 1992 17 Oct 1921 Vauxhall Menn. Cem 28 Aug 1992 Brain tumor Nick Dyck, Bill Wiebe
Bill Schulz M. Lethbridge, AB 8 Aug 1996 11 Aug 1906 Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 12 Aug 1996 Natural causes Nick Dyck
George Lowen M. Vauxhall, Alta 7 Sep 1996 Aug __, 192? Vauxhall Menn. Cem. 13 Sep 1996 Natural causes Nick Dyck


This information is being released under the provisions of the Personal Information and Privacy Act of Alberta (PIPA) Section 20 (1) which says: “An organization may disclose personal information about an individual without the consent of the individual but only if one or emore of ther following are applicable: … (p) the organization disclosing the information is an archival institution and the disclosure of the information is reasonable for archival purposes or research; (q) the disclosure of the information meets the requirements respecting archival purposes or research set out in the regulations and it is not reasonable to obtain the consent of the individual whom the information is about.”

Section 12 of the Regulations for PIPA indicate: “(2) An archival institution may disclose personal information about an individual without the consent of the individual for a research purpose but only if (a) in the case of individually identifiable information, the disclosure is necessary for the research purpose, (b) the disclosure is not harmful to the individual concerned, (c) the research purpose is not contrary to the purposes and intent of the Act, and (d) … a reasonable person, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances, would find that disclosure of the personal information was appropriate at the time…”

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