of Alberta

Vital Records, Chortitza Colony, 1806

Extracted by Tim Janzen

Date People mentioned Event type Location
January non-landowner Cornels Martens’ daughter Anna birth Einlage
January young man Arohn Peters with Susana Reimer marriage Neuendorff
January Gerhardt Claassen’s son David birth Nÿsny Chortitz
January Johan Andreas’ son Jacob birth Einlage
January Abraham Hübert’s daughter Hellena birth Einlage
January 1 Johan Wall’s daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
January 2 Jullias Töws’ son Peter birth Rosenthal
January 3 Peter Sowatzky’s son Cornelius birth Chortitz
January 7 Peter Hübert’s son Andreas with Hellena Gisbrecht marriage Einlage
January 7 Daniel Neufelt’s son Daniel birth Burwalde
January 8 Isaac Claassen’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
January 9 Johan Vogt’s son Cornelius with Magaretha Koopp marriage Einlage
January 15 David Dörcksen’s son Jacob birth Chortitz
January 17 Gerhardt Enss’ daughter Christina birth Schönhorst
January 18 Jacob Hübert’s son Jacob with Magaretha Kröker marriage Einlage
January 23 Erdman Bauer’s son Heinrich with Sara Tissen marriage Nÿsny Chortitz
January 26 Peter Rempel’s son Wilhelm death, age ½ Chortitz
January 28 Wilhelm Zacharias’ son Peter death, age 2 months Schönhorst
January 28 young man Abraham Bergen with Elisabeth Borm marriage Neuendorff
February Jacob Dück death, age 27 Nÿsny Chortitz
February Johan Wolff’s daughter Anna birth Schönhorst
February 1 Peter Hübert’s son Peter birth Einlage
February 3 Wilhelm Zacharias’ son Didrich death, age 3 Schönhorst
February 6 Peter Harms’ son Peter birth Nÿsny Chortitz
February 7 Peter Regehr’s daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
February 15 Heinrich Epp’s widow with Jacob Isaac marriage Rosenthal
February 18 Frantz Jantzen’s daughter Sara birth Kronsweÿde
February 19 Isaac Penner’s daughter Anna birth Chortitz
February 20 Johan Schmidt’s stepson Isbrandt Peters with Sara Epp marriage Schönhorst
February 20 Johan Hübert’s son Abraham birth Einlage
February 21 non-landowner Cornels Hübert’s son Cornels birth Schönhorst
February 23 Jacob Vriesen’s daughter Catharina birth Kronsweÿde
February 25 Wilhelm Redekop’s son Wilhelm death, age ½ Neuendorff
February 27 young man Nicklass Rempel death, age 33 Nÿsny Chortitz
March Peter Unger’s son Peter birth Insel Chortitz
March Anthon Höppner death, age 40 Insel Chortitz
March 2 Cornels Sawatzke’s son birth Rosenthal
March 3 non-landowner Jacob Neubauer’s daughter Anganetha birth Kronsweÿde
March 5 the same Cornels Sawatzke’s son death Rosenthal
March 6 Jacob Dück’s son Heinrich birth Chortitz
March 8 Cornelius Rempel’s son Peter birth Schönhorst
March 11 Abraham Wienss’ daughter Christina birth Neuenburg
March 16 Jacob Dück’s son Heinrich death, age ¼ Chortitz
March 18 Jacob Isaac’s stepson Jacob death, age 12 weeks Rosenthal
March 21 non-landowner Jacob Penner’s son Jacob birth Chortitz
April widow Hellena Vriesen death, age 56 Schönhorst
April Gerhardt Wilhelms’ daughter Magaretha birth Chortitz
April Peter Epp’s son Jacob birth Burwalde
April 7 non-landowner Jacob Vröse’s daughter Anna birth Neuendorff
April 10 Bernhardt Krahn’s son Bernhardt and daughter Catharina birth Burwalde
April 14 Peter Berg’s wife Judith death, age 42 Burwalde
April 14 Abraham Dörcksen’s daughter Justina birth Neuendorff
April 15 the same Johan Dück’s daughter death Chortitz
April 15 Johan Dück’s daughter birth Chortitz
April 16 Peter Fröse death, age 51 Neuenburg
April 17 Peter Harder’s daughter Anganetha birth Nÿsny Chortitz
April 17 Herman Peters’ daughter Anganetha birth Neuendorff
April 18 Johan Dück’s son Heinrich birth Nÿsny Chortitz
April 19 Bernhardt Klippenstein’s son Heinrich birth Schönhorst
April 19 Gerhardt Penner’s daughter Catharina birth Chortitz
April 22 Claass Dück’s son Abraham birth Neuendorff
April 23 non-landowner Peter Hübert’s stepson Johan Teichgrew death, age 20 Schönhorst
April 23 Isaac Lehn’s daughter Maria birth Nÿsny Chortitz
April 23 Isaac Töws’ son birth Chortitz
April 23 the same Isaac Töws’ son death Chortitz
April 29 Nicklas Heÿde death, age 36 Burwalde
April 29 Philip Kauenhowen death, age 60 Rosenthal
April 29 Gerhardt Vriesen’s son Abraham death, age ¾ Nÿsny Chortitz
April 29 Abraham Dück’s son Peter birth Neuendorff
May Jonas Funck’s widow with Daniel Heÿde marriage Schönwiese
May non-landowner Gerhardt Kröker’s daughter Justina birth Neuendorff
May 3 Jacob Reimer’s son Peter birth Neuendorff
May 5 Abraham Harder death, age 40 Burwalde
May 15 non-landowner Jacob Martens’ son Jacob birth Einlage
May 17 Mr. Kehler’s widow’s foster daughter Helena death, age 3 Einlage
May 17 Jacob Löwen’s son Anthon birth Neuendorff
May 20 Martin Vriesen’s son Abraham birth Burwalde
May 27 Peter Jantzen’s widow with Daniel Eÿtzen marriage Schönwiese

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