of Alberta

Vital Records, Chortitza Colony, 1803

Extracted by Tim Janzen

Date People mentioned Event type Location
January-May Wilhelm Tissen’s stepson Didrich Reimer with Maria Penners marriage Einlage
January-May Abraham Unrau’s son with Maria Krause marriage Kronsweÿd
January-May Cornels Rempel’s wife death, age 31 Schönhorst
January-May Michael Kehler with Elisabeth Löwens marriage Einlage
January-May Heinrich Siemens’ wife death, age 45 Kronsweÿd
January-May Herman Neufelt death Kronsweÿd
January-May Pauel Shellenberg’s son Jacob birth Schönhorst
January-May David Epp, junior, with Jacob Wienss’ daughter Maria marriage Chortitza
January-May Abraham Classen’s daughter Agatha death, age 6 weeks Schönhorst
January-May Jullias Jantzen’s brother Jacob death Kronsweÿd
January-May Johan Wolff with Johan Peters’ daughter marriage Schönhorst
January-May Heinrich Wienss’ son Heinrich death, age 3 Schönhorst
January-May Frantz Pauels’ son Frantz birth Kronsweÿd
January-May Johan Harms death, age 64 Kronsweÿd
January-May Wilhelm Jantzen’s son Cornels birth Kronsweÿd
January-May Peter Penner death, age 33 Rosenthal
January-May Johan Braun’s daughter Anna birth Neÿetenÿ Chortitz
January-May Jacob Jantzen’s son death Neÿetenÿ Chortitz
January-May Jacob Neufelt’s daughter Anna birth Rosenthal
January-May Johan Sawatzke’s wife Susanna death, age 62 Rosenthal
January-May Johan Siemens’ daughter Anna birth Rosenthal
January-May Bernhardt Krahn’s daughter Magaretha birth Burwalde
January-May Peter Bergen’s son Johan death, age 6 weeks Neuendorff
January-May Johan Neufelt’s daughter Susana death Einlage
January-May Jacob Bärg death, age 47 Chortitza
January-May Jacob Neufelt death, age 30 Neuenburg
January-May Peter Penner’s daughter Cornela birth Schönwiese
January-May Peter Bannman’s widow with Peter Jantz marriage Schönwiese
January-May Jacob Lemcke’s son Jacob birth Einlage
January-May Peter Reimer’s son Peter birth Neuenburg
January-May young landowner Abraham Penner’s daughter Maria birth Chortitza
January-May Wilhelm Zacharias’ son Didrich birth Schönhorst
January-May Johan Peters’ son Peter birth Neuenburg
January-May Cornels Rempel with Philip Kehler’s daughter Hellena from Einlage marriage Schönhorst
January-May Jacob Neubauer’s daughter Maria birth Kronsweÿd
January-May Paul Schellenberg’s son Jacob death, age 10 weeks Schönhorst
January-May Abraham Dörcksin’s son Jacob death, age 9 weeks Neuendorff
January-May widow Anna Neufelts death, age 57 Neuendorff
January-May George Krahn’s daughter Cathorina birth Neuenburg
January-May Heinrich Bergen’s son Heinrich birth Neuendorff
January-May Herman Peters’ daughter Magoretha birth Neuendorff
January-May David Driedger’s son Peter birth Schönhorst
January-May Jacob Vogt death, age 53 Einlage
January-May Abraham Werner’s daughter Cathar death, age 7 months Einlage
January-May Frantz Siemens’ daughter Hellena birth Kronsweÿd
January-May Peter Bergen’s son Johan birth Neuendorff
January-May Abraham Claasen’s widow’s daughter Magaretha birth Neuendorff
January-May Isbrandt Rempel death, age 66 Einlage
January-May Andreas Küchen death Kronsweÿd
January-May Johan Wieller’s widow with Peter Werner marriage Chortitza
January-May Peter Hilbrandt’s son Heinrich death, age 2 Chortitza
January-May Johan Neufelt’s daughter Helena birth Einlage
January-May Frantz Jantzen’s son Cornels birth Kronsweÿd
January-May Cornelius Hübert death Kronsweÿd
January-May Abraham Hübert’s son Abraham birth Einlage
January-May Jacob Wall death, age 42 Chortitza
January-May Johan Tissen’s daughter Maria death, age 4 weeks Rosenthal
January-May Peter Wiebe’s son Jacob birth Rosenthal
January-May the same Isaac Enss’ widow’s daughter death Chortitza
January-May Johan Tissen’s daughter Maria birth Rosenthal
January-May Bernhardt V Bergen’s daughter Cathorina birth Chortitza
January-May Isaac Kasdorfs’ father death, age 64 Rosenthal
January-May Peter Hamm’s son Abraham birth Neuendorff
January-May Martin Claassen death, age 32 Chortitza
January-May Frantz Peters’ son Herman birth Schönhorst
January-May Abraham Vriesen’s daughter Helena birth Neuendorff
January-May Abraham Dörcksein’s son Jacob and daughter Agatha birth Neuendorff
January-May Isaac Enss’ widow’s daughter birth Chortitza
January-May Wilhelm Giesbrecht’s son Abrah. birth Schönhorst

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