of Alberta

Vital Records, Chortitza Colony, 1802

Extracted by Tim Janzen

Date People mentioned Event type Location
January Salomon Neufelt’s widow’s daughter Agatha death, age <15 years Schönhorst
January Aron Peters as well as his daughter diana death, both age >15 years Schönhorst
January Gerhardt Wilhelms’ son Johan birth Chortitz
January the same David Löwen’s son Didrich death, age <15 years Chortitz
January David Löwen’s son David birth Chortitz
January Jacob Reimer’s daughter Catharina birth Chortitz
January Peter Peters’ daughter birth Kronsweÿde
January Johan Telitzke with a young woman Agatha Rempels marriage Einlage
January David Falck’s daughter death, age <15 years Schönwiese
January Mr. Neufelt’s widow’s daughter Helena with a young man Wilhelm Redekop marriage Neuendorff
February Abraham Penner’s son Abraham birth Insel Chortitz
February young landowner Jacob Vröse’s daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
February the minister Peter Epp death, age 47 Rosenthal
February Abraham Leÿke’s daughter Cathar birth Rosenthal
February Peter Epp’s son Hahnes death, age ¾ Chortitz
February Klaass Dück’s son Abraham birth Neuendorff
February young landowner Mr. Pauel’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
February Johan Niesen’s son Cornels birth Einlage
February Michael Keller’s widow with Martin Schmidt marriage Chortitz
February Peter Wiebe’s son Peter birth Einlage
February Peter Martens’ wife death, age 34 ½ Rosenthal
February Jacob Peters’ widow with Philip Dück marriage Neuenburg
February Johan Epp’s daughter Magaretha birth Schönhorst
February Cornels Penner’s widow death, age 44 Neuendorff
February Jacob Siemens’ stepdaughter Ana Arendts with a young man Jacob Dük marriage Einlage
February Johan Hübert’s daughter Catharina birth Neuenburg
February 27 Johan Siemens’ daughter Maria birth Chortitz
March 3 Claass Dück’s son Abraham death, age 5 days Neuendorff
March 6 Jacob Wiebe’s son Jacob birth Einlage
March 6 Cornel Jantz’s son Cornel birth Einlage
March 6 Johan Teichgröw’s widow with a young man Peter Hübert marriage Schönhorst
March 10 Jacob Wiebe death, age 33 Einlage
March 10 Peter Regehr’s wife death, age 40 Neuendorff
March 15 Gerhardt Preuss’ daughter Elisabeth birth Rosenthal
March 16 Salomon Neufelt’s widow with a young man Heinrich Tiessen marriage Schönhorst
March 16 Johan Breÿl’s son Johan death, age 2 Neuendorff
March 17 Jacob Bergen death, age 71 Neuendorff
March 23 Heinrich Rempel death, age 35 Schönhorst
March 24 Jacob Harder’s son Johan birth Rosenthal
March 29 Johan Wall’s daughter Magaretha birth Neuendorff
March 18 Johan Dück’s son Johan birth Neuendorff
March 21 Heinrich Bergen’s son death, 1 ½ Neuendorff
March 29 Pauel Jantzen’s daughter Catharina birth Kronsweÿde
March 29 Frantz Pauels’ daughter Hellena birth Kronsweÿde
April 1 Johan Neufeld’s son Cornelius death, age ¼ Einlage
April 2 Johan Peters’ daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
April 5 Johan Schmit’s son Wilhelm birth Schönhorst
April 6 Filip Warkentihn’s son Filip birth Schönhorst
April 8 Wilhelm Zacharias’ wife Maria death, age 37 Schönhorst
April 8 Peter Peters’ son Peter birth Neuendorff
April 11 Fransz Barckman’s son Peter birth Neuenburg
April 14 David Epp’s wife Judit death, age 31 ¼ Chortitz
April 24 landowner Peter Martens marriage Insel Chortitz
April 25 landowner Johan Hiebert death, age 24 Einlage
April 25 Johan Bartsch’s son Johan birth Insel Chortitz
April 27 Abraham Epp marriage Neuendorff
May 5 Salomon Doerscken’s daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
May 9 Abraham Epp’s daughter Anna death, age 20 Neuendorff
May 13 Peter Sowatzky’s daughter Margta birth Chortitz
May 16 Peter Kaetler’s daughter Elisabet birth Kronsweid
May 17 Jacob Doerscken’s daughter Agata birth Neuendorff
May 19 landowner Peter Banman death Schoenwise
May 19 Gerhard Epp’s son death Rosenthal
May 22 Arend Peters’ widow with Arend Loep marriage Schoenhorst
May 24 Johan Barsch’s son death Rosenthal
May 25 Jacob Wiebe’s widow with Peter Niesen marriage Einlag
May 27 Heinrich Epp’s son Johan death, age 8 weeks Neuenburg
May 27 Peter Penner’s daughter Nieckel death Schoenwise
May 30 Gerhard Penner’s daughter Chatarina birth Chortitz
July Jacob Loewen’s daughter Anna birth Neuendorff
July Salomon Doerscken’s daughter Maria death, age 11 weeks Neuendorff
July Abraham Waerner’s daughter Catarina birth Einlag
July Peter Doerscken’s son Peter birth Neuendorff
July Peter Friesen’s son Peter birth Neuendorff
July Abraham Winsz’s daughter Helena death, age 2 Neuenburg
July Jacob Winsz’s son Jacob death, age 3 days Schoenhorst
July David Epp with Catarina Penner marriage Chortitz
July Jacob Winsz’s son Jacob birth Schoenhorst
July Jacob Wall’s son Gerhard birth Chortitz
July Isabrand Friesen’s daughter Christina death, age ½ Schoenhorst
July Jacob Jantzen’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
August 4 Frans Tiesen’s daughter Elisabet birth Neuendorff
August 4 Jacob Reimer’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
August 5 Heinrich Ensz’s son Heinrich birth Insel Chortitz
August 5 Mayor Frans Dieck with Jacob Baerg’s daughter Maria marriage Chortitz
August 8 Peter Albrecht’s daughter Maria birth Neuendorff
August 24 Johan Penner’s daughter Anna birth Rosenthal
August 25 Gerhard Rempel’s son Heinrich birth Schoenwise
August 26 Gerhard Braun’s son Gerhard birth Schoenhorst
August 26 Jacob Banman’s daughter Anna birth Kronsweid
August 26 Johan Funck’s son Heinrich death, age 12 Schoenwise
September 2 Abraham Jantzen’s daughter Catarina birth Rosenthal
September 6 Johan Boldt’s daughter Catarina birth Rosenthal
September 6 Jacob Franzen with Helena Wiebe marriage Schoenhorst
September 7 Daniel Loewen’s son Dovit birth Neuenburg
September 9 Peter Braun’s son Peter birth Neuendorff
September 10 Abraham Ensz’s son Abraham birth Schoenwise
September 10 Jahn Baergen with Ana Sowatzky marriage Neuendorff
September 12 Jacob Doersken’s daughter Catarina birth Neuenburg
September 15 Peter Hiebert’s son Peter birth Einlag
September 17 Jacob Biechert with Barbara Konnerat marriage Neuendorff
September 17 Fransz Funck’s daughter Anna birth Kronsweid
September 19 Cornelius Sowatzky’s daughter Susana birth Rosenthal
September 20 Peter Sowatzky’s daughter Margreeta death, age 17 weeks Chortitz
September 20 Jacob Dieck’s daughter Cotorina birth Chortitz
September 21 Peter Hilbrand’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
September 21 Wilhelm Redecob’s daughter Anna birth Neuendorff
September 22 Johan Penner’s son Jacob birth Chortitz
September 23 Frans Klassen’s daughter Susona birth Neuendorff
September 23 Jacob Jantzen’s son Jacob death, age 12 weeks Neuendorff
September 25 Cornelius Balman’s son Cornelius birth Kronsweid
September 25 Johan Vogt’s daughter Catarina birth Einlag
September 25 Jacob Wieb’s daughter Maria birth Chortitz
September 27 Peter Klassen’s daughter Christina death, age 11 Neuendorff
September 29 honorable Ältester Davit Epp death, 52 ¼ Chortitz
October 1 Isaac Clasen’s daughter Margreta birth Neuendorf
October 4 Johan Bruhn marriage Chortitz
October 5 Jacob Entz’s stepson Johan Clasen death, age 20 Rosenthal
October 7 Hinrch Wiebe’s daughter Helena birth Neuendorf
October 9 Peter Clasen death, age 59 Neuendorf
October 10 Jacob Breÿel’s son Jacob death, age 1 ½ Chortitz
October 10 Johan Breÿel death, age 28 Neuendorf
October 13 Phliep Kaunhuben’s wife death, age 55 Rosenthal
October 15 Peter Epp’s daughter Susanna birth Rosenthal
October 15 Jacob Dieck’s daughter Elisabeth birth Einlage
October 19 Peter Wiebe’s son Abraham birth Neuendorf
October 19 the senior Peter Epp’s son Cornelius birth Rosenthal
October 22 Johan Rempel’s son Johan birth Rosenthal
October 26 Peter Penner’s son Peter birth Rosenthal
October 28 Isaac Entz death, age 57 Chortitz
October 28 Diederich Rempel’s daughter Anna birth Rosenthal
October 29 Johan Hiebert’s son Johan birth Einlage
November 2 Peter Unrau marriage Kronsweide
November 2 Jacob Jantzen’s son Cornelius birth Einlage
November 2 Peter Banman’s widow’s daughter Suanna birth Schoenwise
November 4 Bernhard Loewen’s daughter Catrina birth Neuendorff
November 4 Peter Breÿel’s son Jacob birth Neuendorff
November 9 Johan Wieler death, age 46 Chortitz
November 18 Peter Wiebe’s son Heinrich birth Schoenehorst
November 19 Cornelius Huebert’s daughter Maria birth Kronsweide
November 20 Heinrich Tiesen’s son Heinrich birth Schoenehorst
November 21 Wilhelm Unrau’s daughter Anna birth Kronsweide
November 23 Jacob v Riesen’s son Cornelius birth Kronsweide
November 25 David Epp’s widow with young man Heinrich Dieck marriage Chortitz
November 26 Heinrich Goertzen’s son Heinrich birth Kronsweide
November 27 Johan Breÿel’s widow with a young man Clas Dieck marriage Neuendorff
November 29 Jacob Peters’ daughter Anna birth Neuendorff

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