of Alberta

Vital Records, Chortitza Colony, 1801

Extracted by Tim Janzen

Date People mentioned Event type Location
January Jacob Peters’ wife death Neuendorff
January Jacob Classen’s daughter birth Rosenthal
January Frantz Jantzen’s daughter birth Schönwiese
January Johan Funck’s son marriage Kronsweÿde
January Aron Martens death Schönwiese
January Johan Telitzki’s daughter death Einlage
January Johan Boldt’s wife death Rosenthal
January Abraham Neudorff’s son death Schönhorst
January David Gisbrecht’s widow marriage Schönhorst
January Johan Bartsch’s son death Rosenthal
January Peter Harder’s wife death Rosenthal
February Abraham Günther’s daughter birth Neuendorff
February Cornels Penner death Neuendorff
February Gerhard Wilhelms’ daughter death Chortitz
February Martin Claasen’s daughter death Chortitz
February Johan Siemens’ daughter death Chortitz
February Johan Braun’s two sons birth Einlage
February Jacob Dück death Chortitz
February Herman Neufelt’s widow death Chortitz
February Heinrich Dück death Chortitz
February Heinrich Jantzen’s daughter birth Kronsweÿde
February Jacob Lemke’s daughter death Einlage
March Jacob Breyel’s son birth Chortitz
March Johan Krahn death Chortitz
March Wilhelm Tissen’s daughter marriage Schönhorst
March Johan Tissen’s son birth Schönhorst
March Gerhardt Vriesen’s daughter death Schönhorst
March the junior Gerhardt Braun’s son death Chortitz
March David Redekopp’s son birth Schönhorst
March Gerhardt Braun death Chortitz
March Gerhardt Dörksen’s daughter death Neuendorff
March Peter Albrecht’s wife death Neuendorff
March Gerhardt Dörksen death Neuendorff
March Jacob Gisbrecht’s daughter death Schönhorst
March Berendt Löwen’s son death Neuendorff
March Frantz Jantzen’s son birth Kronsweÿde
March Diedrich Neufeldt’s son marriage Insel Chortitz
March Johan Dück’s wife death Neuendorff
March Mr. Arendt’s widow’s son birth Schönwiese
March Gerhardt Rempel’s wife death Schönwiese
March Peter Banman’s son birth Schönwiese
March Jacob Classen’s same daughter death Rosenthal
March Abraham Dörksen’s son death Neuendorff
March Abraham Werner’s daughter birth Einlage
March Mr. Warkentin’s widow marriage Rosenthal
March Jacob Wieb’s grandchild death Einlage
March Gerhardt Braun’s wife death Chortitz
March Johan Braun’s son death Einlage
April Johan Boldt’s two sons death Rosenthal
April Johan Pauels’ wife death Chortitz
April Isaac Redekop death Neuendorff
April Cornels Lehn’s widow’s son birth Neuendorff
April Johan Ewert’s wife death Schönwiese
April Johan Boldt marriage Rosenthal
April Gerhard Enss death Rosenthal
April Nathaniel Goertzen’s daughter birth Schönwiese
April Cornels Lehn death Neuendorff
April Johan Krahn’s son birth Rosenthal
April Abraham Vriesen’s son birth Neuendorff
April Herman Peters’ son death Neuendorff
April Arohn Vriesen’s daughter death Chortitz
April Cornels Jantzen death Neuendorff
April Peter Sawatzke’s wife death Chortitz
April Johan Krahn’s widow’s son birth Chortitz
April Michael Kehler death Chortitz
April Johan Dridger’s son birth Neuendorff
April Aron Peters’ wife death Schönhorst
May Cornels Nickel’s son Cornels birth Einlage
May Wilhelm Tissen’s son Jacob birth Einlage
May Anthon Höppner’s son birth Insel Chortitz
May Cornels Hübert’s daughter Catharina birth Kronsweÿde
May Peter Hilbrand’s son Heinrich birth Chortitz
May Anthon Höppner’s same son death, age <15 years Insel Chortitz
May Johan Boldt with Catharina Dück marriage Rosenthal
May Peter Epp’s son Peter birth Rosenthal
May Peter Penner’s daughter Maria birth Rosenthal
May Jacob Banman’s daughter death, age <15 years Kronsweÿde
May Peter Vreese’s son Jacob with Ana Dörksen, forming a young family marriage Neuenburg
May Heinrich Epp with Susana Bartsch marriage Neuenburg
May Peter Albrecht with Maria Konradt marriage Neuendorff
May Johan Pauels with Maria Jantzen marriage Chortitz
May Peter Sawatzke with Magaretha Rempel, whose wedding took place in Schönhorst marriage Chortitz
May Salomon Dörksen’s daughter Judith birth Neuendorff
May Abraham Dörksen’s wife death, age >15 years Neuendorff
May Peter Martens’ wife death, age >15 years Neuendorff
May Peter Teichgrew’s daughter Helena birth Neuenburg
May Jacob Dörksen’s son Abraham birth Neuenburg
June Heinrich Teichgrew’s daughter Magaretha birth Schönhorst
June landowner Jacob Harder death, age >15 years Chortitz
June Cornels Lehn’s widow’s son Cornels death, age <15 years Neuendorff
June Johan Lemcke’s daughter Maria birth Einlage
June landowner Johan Dridger’s son Johan death, age <15 years Neuendorff
June Wilhelm Zacharias’ son Johan death, age <15 years Schönhorst
June David Dörcksen’s widow death, age >15 years Neuendorff
June landowner Herman Dück death, age >15 years Neuendorff
June Johan Kran’s widow with a young man Peter Epp marriage Chortitz
June landowner Johan Dridger death, age >15 years Neuendorff
June Gerhardt Enss’ widow with a young man Johan Penner marriage Rosenthal
June landowner Gerhardt Rempel with Eva Jantzen marriage Schönwiese
June landowner Peter Marten with Maria Dück, who was from the home of Peter Dück. Peter Dück did not have full ownership rights to his house. marriage Neuendorff
June Salomon Dörcksen’s daughter Judith birth Neuendorff
June Peter Penner’s daughter Cornela birth Schönwiese
June Peter Unger’s son Abraham birth Insel Chortitz
June Johan Andreas’ daughter Helena birth Einlage
July landowner Jacob Lehn, junior death Neuenburg
July Isaac Redekops’ widow with a young man Peter Peters marriage Neuendorff
July landowner Frantz Pauels death Kronsweÿde
July landowner Jacob Dörcksen’s son Abraham death, age <15 years Neuenburg
July young man Philip Warkentin with a young woman, forming a young family marriage Neuendorff
July landowner Johan Peters’ son Peter birth Neuendorff
July landowner Peter Wiebe’s wife death, age >15 years Neuendorff
July landowner Abraham Dörcksen with young person Christina Wiebe marriage Neuendorff
July landowner Peter Neusteter’s son death, age <15 years Einlage
July Gerhardt Epp’s daughter Maria death, age <15 years Rosenthal
July landowner Wilhelm Löwen’s daughter Anganetha and son Wilhelm birth Schönhorst
July Cornels Andreas’ son Jacob birth Rosenthal
July landowner Jacob Neufeldt’s son Cornels birth Rosenthal
July landowner Johan Braun’s son death, age <15 years Einlage
July landowner Heinrich Enss’ son Didrich birth Insel Chortitz
July landowner and widower Heinrich Classen death, age >15 years Rosenthal
July landowner Arohn Peters with Gerhardt Dörcksen’s widow from Neuendorff marriage Schönhorst
July the senior David Epp’s daughter Judith birth Chortitz
July landowner Paul Schellenberg’s wife death Schönhorst
July landowner Michael Kropp’s stepdaughter Dorothea Löppke with a young man Abraham Penner, forming a young family marriage Insel Chortitz
July landowner Johan Schröder’s daughter Catharina death, age <15 years Rosenthal
August Martin Siemens’ son Martin with Eva Martins from Schönwiese, forming a young family marriage Kronsweyde
August Jacob Lehn’s widow’s son and daughter death, two age <15 years, one age >15 years Neuenburg
August Peter Döll’s son Isaac death, age <15 years Neuenburg
August Johan Dridger’s widow with a young man Jacob Devehr marriage Neuendorff
August George Siemens’ daughter birth Kronsweyde
August Arohn Reimer’s daughter Katharina birth Einlage
August Johan Schröder’s daughter Helena death, age <15 years Rosenthal
August Claass Arent’s widow with a young man Abraham Enss marriage Schöenwiese
August Arendt Marten’s widow with a young man Peter Krahn marriage Schöenwiese
August Peter Neufelt’s son death, age <15 years Schöenwiese
August Cornels Lehn’s widow with a young man Peter Siemens marriage Neuendorff
August Franss Barg’s son Franss birth Neuendorff
August Peter Dörksen with Susana Albrecht marriage Neuendorff
August Peter Wiebe with Claass Heÿde’s widow marriage Neuendorff
August Cornels Janssen’s widow with a young man Peter Braun marriage Neuendorff
August Abraham Claasen with Agatha Bolleen marriage Schönhorst
August Jacob Harder’s widow with a young man Simeon Löwen marriage Chortitz
August Jacob Wienss’ son Hanss birth Chortitz
August Cornels Rempel’s daughter Anganetha birth Schönhorst
August David Dörcksen’s son David birth Chortitz
August a lad Anthon Klippenstein death, age <15 years Neuendorff
August David Epp’s daughter Elisabeth death, age <15 years Chortitz
August Jacob Pätkau’s son David birth Chortitz
September landowner Peter Epp’s son Peter death, age <15 years Rosenthal
September landowner Isaac Penner’s daughter diana birth Einlage
September landowner Jacob Wiebe’s daughter Catharina death, age <15 years Chortitz
September landowner Cornelius Pauels’ daughter birth Kronsweÿde
September young landowner Heinrich Bärgen’s daughter Catharina birth Neuendorf
September landowner Diedrich Gerbrandt death, age >15 years Chortitz
September Superintendent Peter Siemens’ son Jullius birth Chortitz
September landowner Frantz Claassen’s son Frantz with Judith Dörcksen marriage Neuendorf
September landowner Martin Claassen’s daughter Maria birth Chortitz
September the same landowner Martin Claassen’s wife Maria death, age >15 years Chortitz
September landowner Peter Neufelt’s son death, age <15 years Schönwiese
September landowner Peter Siemens’ stepdaughter Catharina Lehn death, age <15 years Neuendorf
October Jacob Vriesen’s daughter Anganetha birth Kronsweÿde
October Peter Funck’s daughter diana birth Kronsweÿde
October Peter Mantler’s son Anthon birth Neuendorff
October Gerhardt Braun’s son death, age <15 years Schönhorst
October young man Peter Hübert with Johan Hübert’s daughter Magaretha marriage Einlage
October Joseph Nowitzki’s daughter Christina birth Chortitz
October young man Heinrich Claassen death, age >15 years Rosenthal
October Johan Vriesen’s son Peter death, age <15 years Rosenthal
October young man Peter Warner with the late Claass Heÿde’s daughter Anganetha marriage Einlage
October Isbrand Wiebe’s son Johan death, age <15 years Chortitz
November Johan Teichgröw death, age >15 years Schönhorst
November Johan Ewert with Jacob Höppner’s daughter Maria marriage Schönwiese
November Didrich Braun’s daughter Magaretha birth Einlage
November Johan Schellenberg with widow diana Dück marriage Schönhorst
November Johan Löpke’s daughter Catharina birth Schönhorst
November the junior Heinrich Wiebe’s two daughters Maria and diana birth Einlage
November Abraham Vriessen’s son Peter birth Schönhorst
November the junior Peter Dück’s son Heinrich birth Neuendorff
November Heinrich Wienss’ daughter Susana birth Schönhorst
November Isaac Penner death, age >15 years Einlage
November Michael Kehler’s widow’s son Peter birth Chortitz
November Martin Claassen with a young woman Maria Dück marriage Chortitz
November Abraham Jantzen’s daughter Magaretha birth Neuenburg
November Didrich Gerbrandt’s widow with landowner Jacob Penner’s son Johan marriage Chortitz
November Abraham Wienss’ daughter Elisabeth birth Neuenburg
November Johan Martens’ daughter Maria birth Neuenburg
November the junior Jacob Dück with a young woman Judith Penner marriage Chortitz
November Jacob Wall’s son Gerhardt death, age <15 years Chortitz

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