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Regehr, Edith, fonds, c. 1890-1960. 36 photographs

Edith (Epp) Regehr fonds, c. 1890-1960, 36 photographs

Accession 2017.001

Administrative/Biographical History

Edith (Epp) Regehr was born 20 March 1927 at Davidson, Saskatchewan, the daughter of Abram Epp (1894-1971), and Mariechen, always known as Maschinjka, (Thiessen) Epp, (1899-1939). She was the granddaughter of Kornelius Epp (1844-1916) and Aganeta (Franz) Epp (1856-????).
Edith’s parents and an infant son emigrated to Canada in 1924.  The family lived briefly near Ardath, Saskatchewan.  Then, together with the families of two of Abram’s brothers, they bought a farm at Girvin, Saskatchewan.   In 1928, the Abram and Maschinjka Epp family moved on to Naco, Alberta.  There Edith’s father, Abram Epp, was ordained as a minister in the Sedalia Mennonite church.  He subsequently served congregations in Lacombe, Tofield and Edmonton.  After the death of Abram Epp’s first wife (Edith’s mother), in child birth in 1939, he married Mariechen Enns Klassen.
Edith Epp married Edward Regehr in Tofield, Alberta.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of 36 photographs taken from Epp family albums.  Some of the pictures were taken in Russia while others picture life of extended family members in Canada

Source of Acquisition

Gift by Edith Regehr.

Finding Aid (list of photographs)

2017.001 Kornelius (1844-1916) and Aganeta (Franz) Epp (1856-????)  (Edith’s grand parents), in Russia.
2017.002 Aganeta (Franz) Epp (Edith’s grand mother) and two of Aganeta Epp’s sisters, in Russia.
2017.003 Edith’s maternal Thiessen grandfather, in Russia.
2017.004 Edith’s maternal Thiessen grandmother, in Russia
2017.005 Abram Epp, (1894-1971)  (Edith’s father), in Russia.
2017.006 Henry and Agatha (Epp) Thiessen (Edith’s uncle and aunt), in Russia.
2017.007 Helene (Epp) Janzen, (1898-????), in Russia
2017.008 Marguerite Epp.
2017.009 Abram Epp, John and Peter Wiens, Tina Froese, Anna and Liese Wiens, Maschinka Epp, Edith Epp, on a truck at Naco, Alberta in 1929.
2017.010 Abram and Maschinjka Epp with their chidlren, Herbie, Edith and Melita, in Alberta, 1929.
2017.011 Aganeta Epp, with her grandchildren,Herbert and Melita Epp, at Girvin, Saskatchewan in 1926.
2017.012 Abram and Maschinjka Epp with their children, Herbert, Melita and Edith at Naco in 1928.
2017.013 Abram and Maschinjka Epp, with other members of the extended Epp families at Naco, Alberta, in the mid-1930s.
2017.014 Aganeta Epp (Edith’s grandmother), Mascchinjka Epp (Edith’s mother), Lena Epp and Melita Epp.
2017.015 Edith and her sister Melita Epp, Erica and Oscar, in 1940.
2017.016 Abram and Maschinjka, Edith, Herbie, Erica and Oscar Epp, 1938.
2017.017 Abram and Mariechen Enns Klassen (Abram Epp’s second wife) and some of their children on the Naco farm n 1940.
2017.018 Abram and Marichen Epp and their children, Melita, Edith, Erica, Oscar and Elsbeth, 1941, on the Naco farm.
2017.019 David and Katie Epp and their children, Gerhard, Irene and Louise, 1934
2017.020 Herb, Melita and Edith Epp at Girvin Saskatchewan, 1928.
2017.021 David Katie Epp, Gerhard and Irene Epp, with Rev. Wm Martens, at Naco,
2017.022 Abram, David and Peter Epp, 1029
2017.023 Anna K. Epp, Saskatoon, 1927.
2017.024 Beckers in Ontario, 1979, cousins of Ed Regehr and his aunt Barbara.
2017.025 Gerhard Heinrich Thiessen  (engaged to Anna Epp but died before the mariage), Gerhard Johann Thiessen, Hans Johann Thiessen, and Gerhard Klassen, all alternative service forestry workers in Russia 1913-1917.
2017.026 Hans Franz and Helene Janzen (sister of Edith’s grandfather) and their daughter Hildegard, at Christmas 1925.
2017.027 Wedding of John Klassen and Irene (Epp) Klassen with their parents, June 1950.
2017. 028 Gerhard, Irene and Teddy Epp, December 1927.
2017.029 Margaret Epp with cousins Melita and Edith Epp.
2017.030 Ed and Edith (Epp) Regehr, 1957.
2017.031 unknown
2017.032 Abram and Mariechen Epp with Melita, Edith, Erica and Elizabeth. at Lacombe, c. 19441
2017. 033 Irene, Louise and Paul Epp at Lacombe, 1937.
2017.034 Agatha (Epp) Paetkau. with Princess Cythia cruise ship in the background.
2017.035 unknown.  (Abram Epp?)
2017.035 Abram Epp, same as photo 2017.005.