of Alberta

Mennonite Church Records, Vauxhall-Grantham, Alberta

Register of Marriages, 1941-1995

The following Index of information has been extracted from the government-required events register by Myrna Belyea, volunteer with the MHSA. The information is portrayed in the form it was found in the register, that is, on an event-by-event basis and in the order they appeared in the register. Such registers are used to document the information that a church needs to provide to the vital statistics department of the provincial government. This is why they do not appear in the family group format often employed by Mennonite churches.

The register contains more information than is portrayed below. It also contains: date and place of marriage, name of officiating clergyman, and names of witnesses.

Because harm can come to persons for whom personally identifying information is publicly available, the MHSA is restricting the publishing of this information to the names of the couple. Family members or researchers on their behalf who are seeking the additional information regarding the marriage in the register can request it from the MHSA may do so by identifying their kinship to the couples below.

Abram Paetkau Bertha Klassen
Heinrich Janzen Aganetha Zacharias
Johann Franz Margaretha Fast
Peter Janzen Anges Martens
Abram Schierling Katharina Franz
Jacob Franz Margaretha Pankratz
Heinrich Martens Marie Janzen
Heinrich Dick Leona Klassen
Jacob Schulz Katharina Martens
Heinrich Goerzen Justina Dick
William Martens Anna Goerzen
Karl K. Redekopp Anna Dyck
Henry K. Redekopp Helen Goerzen
Frank Janzen Lena Loewen
Henry Goerzen Tina Janzen
Edward Redekopp Elizabeth Dyck
Henry Fast Sara Loewen
Rudolf Enns Nellie Goerzen
Ernst Goerzen Susan Goertzen
Jake Unruh Mary Lowen
Donald Peter Kirk Elvera Alice Friesen
Harold William Lane Erika Goerzen
Dwight Fast Rita Louise Schulz
Aron Petkau Phyllis Marie Janzen
Kent Regier Joanne Catherine Goerzen
Wayne Melnychuk Wanda Joy Janzen
Brian Smiley Julie Lynnette Goerzen
Wayne Darius Hofer Tammy Liane Hahn
Philip Daniel Wiebe Carolyn Marie Waddle


This information is being released under the provisions of the Personal Information and Privacy Act of Alberta (PIPA) Section 20 (1) which says: “An organization may disclose personal information about an individual without the consent of the individual but only if one or emore of ther following are applicable: … (k) the disclosure of the information is to the surviving spouse or adult interdependent partner or to a relative of a deceased individual if, in the opinion of the organization, the disclosure is reasonable … (p) the organization disclosing the information is an archival institution and the disclosure of the information is reasonable for archival purposes or research.”

Section 12 of the Regulations for PIPA indicate: “(2) An archival institution may disclose personal information about an individual without the consent of the individual for a research purpose but only if (a) in the case of individually identifiable information, the disclosure is necessary for the research purpose, (b) the disclosure is not harmful to the individual concerned, (c) the research purpose is not contrary to the purposes and intent of the Act, and (d) … a reasonable person, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances, would find that disclosure of the personal information was appropriate at the time…”

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