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Peter A. Riediger family fonds

Accession. 2002.002, 2007.046, 2015.011, 2017.014 filed at 2002.002 and 2015.010

Title and Physical Description

Peter A. Riediger family fonds. — 1918-1997. — 22 cm of textual records

Administrative/Biographical History

Peter A. Riediger (1872-1969) and his wife Katharina (née Penner, 1873-1957) migrated from Klinok, Samara, Russia, to southern Alberta in 1926. For a detailed family genealogy, see: Genealogy of Abraham Riediger, 1782-1978, compiled for Ernest J. Klassen by K. Peters. – Winnipeg : [E.J. Klassen], 1978, (MHSA library CS 38RIE PET.) Peter and Katharina had 15 children, of which 10 lived long enough to accompany them to Canada. Jacob Riediger (1907-ca. 1990) was a choirmaster, preacher, and poet. He married Sarah Bergen. The youngest daughter, Margaretha “Margaret” Riediger (1919-2010) worked as a store clerk. She remained unmarried in order to care for her parents in their old age. She became the custodian of family records.

Scope & Content

The fonds consists of an account of the visit of the Czar to the Molotschna Colony in 1818; travel diary and reminiscences of the Riediger family’s emigration to Canada (1926); maps of Klinok and of the Molotschna Colony; correspondence from Margaret Riediger’s relatives and friends (1970-1993); copies of the Gospels in Russian; Margaret’s poems, essays, stories and play; Helene Kroeker Lutke’s autograph book; Peter A. Riediger’s choir book and family history; Jacob Riediger’s poems, essays, devotional writings, and vacation Bible school lesson plans; and Sarah Bergen Riediger’s Sunday school and Bible School notebooks and hymn book.

Source of Acquisition

Gift by Margaret Riediger and her estate, 2002, 2007, 2015


English, German, Russian, and Spanish


Acc. 2002.002 and 2007.046 filed with acc. 2002.002, and 2015.010 filed separately.
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GRANDMA #215876

File List

Located at 2002.002:

A. Margaret Riediger papers. — 1920-1993. — Includes writings of Peter A. Riediger, transcribed by Margaret Riediger.

1-1 The Diary of “Our Trip to America” July 7, 1926 – August 13, 1926 /  by Peter A. Riediger.   [Transcribed 1997 (originally written 1926)].
1-2 My Own Memories of the Trip / Margaret Riediger. – [ca. 1997].
1-3 [Page from Peter Riediger’s diary showing his comparison of English/German words while on board].   [Photocopied 2002 (originally written 1926].
1-4 [Map of area around Klinok, where Margaret Riediger was born].  [Photocopied 2002 (originally drawn ca. 1926)]
1-5 The Gracious Visit of the Czar in Lindenau, Molotschna, 1818 / by Peter Riediger, based on writings of Minister David Riediger.  [translated by Margaret Riediger, ca. 1997].  A copy of the original manuscript “Huldreicher Kaiserbesuch in der Molotschnaer Mennonite Kolonie im Dorfe Lindenau, written by Peter  Riediger in a mix of Gothic and Latin script, was received as part of the miscellaneous collection of books and papers received as Accession 2017.014.  It has been added to this file since it is the German version of Margaret Riediger’s translated version.
1-6 Plan der deutschen Molotschnaer [map of the Mennonite Molotschna Settlement, South Russia] – n.d.

The following files were received as Accession 2007.046 but are filed with Accession 2002.002
1-7 Correspondence from family who fled to Uruguay, then later moved to Germany. – 1972-1976
1-8 Correspondence from relatives who escaped to Paraguay and later moved to Paraguay. – 1972-1982
1-9 Correspondence from a cousin wounded in the war. – 1972-1988
1-10 Correspondence from friends and relatives in Canada. – 1974-1977
1-11 Correspondence from an aunt and uncle in Russia. – 1975
1-12 Correspondence from family who moved from Germany to Russia. – 1978-1993
1-13 Correspondence from a missionary friend in India. – [ca. 1970s]
1-14 Correspondence from a missionary friend in Mexico.  – [ca. 1970s]
1-15 Correspondence from Russia to Germany. – 1970, 1974
1-16 Correspondence from a friend from Russia, and later Germany. – [ca. 1992]
1-17 The Gospel according to Mark (Russian). – 1920
1-18 The Gospel according to John (Russian). – 1920

Accession 2015.010 (includes a few items received with Accession 2015.011)

The following files were received as Accession 2015.010 and are filed separately.

A. Margaret Riediger Papers

1-1 Margaret Riediger poems, essays, play.  – [ca. 1938-ca. 1939]
1-2 Margaret Riediger poems, stories, lesson.  – 1947-1980
1-3  Song from Hans Peter Unruh sent to Margaret Riediger.  – [ca. 1980]

B. Helene Lutke (née Kroeker).  – 1912-1940.  – Mrs. Lutke’s relationship to Margaret Riediger is unclear. She lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and nearby communities.

1-4 Autograph book.  – Contains poems written by friends.

C. Peter A. Riediger.  – [ca. 1926]-1957.

1-5 Choir book (handwritten). – [ca. 1926-ca. 1933].  – With note by Margaret Riediger
1-6 Choir book (hectographed).  – [ca. 1933-ca. 1940].  – Used by Jacob Riediger in Vauxhall
1-7 Family history. – 1957 Jan.  – Presented to Jakob Riediger
1- 8 Family history. – 1957 Feb.  – Presented to Margareta Riediger. Similar to 1-25.

.D. Jacob and Sarah Riediger.  – 1928-1990.

1-9 Poems by Jacob Riediger.  – 1932-1990, compiled 1990
1-10  Jacob Riediger poems, speech.  – 1931-1990
1-11 Bible school class lists, sermons, devotions. – [ca. 1932-ca. 1933]
1-12 Jacob Riediger Daily Vacation Bible School programs, hymns.  – [ca. 1939]
1-13  Poems and essays, Jacob Riediger, Tofield.  – 1951-1971
1-14 Answers to prayers [mostly in German].  – 1959-1981
1-15 Special answers to prayers and special experiences with the Lord / by Jacob Riediger. – 1959-1981
1-16 Special answers to prayer and special experiences with the Lord : book I / by Jacob Riediger. –  1959-1982
1-17 Special answers to prayer and special experiences with the Lord : book II / by Jacob Riediger.  – 1984-1990
1-18 Miscellaneous notes, comments, collections, poems.  – [ca. 1977-ca. 1981].
1-19 Sunday School lesson book of Sarah Bergen, 1928-1935.
1-20 Bethesda Bible School (Gem, Alberta) notebooks of Sarah Bergen [c. 1933-1937].
1-21 Sarah Bergen hymn book, [c. 1937]. Mimeographed music with Ziffern and in Gothic script.