of Alberta

LaCrete Bergthaler Mennonite Church, 1993, 1 cm.

Accession 2003.010.

Title and Physical Description

In 1993 Bill Harder, who grew up in LaCrete, wrote and published in small booklets on the history and development of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church.

Biographical History

In several small booklets, comprising a total of only 21 pages, Bill Harder captures a very concise history of Mennonites as they migrated from country to country, seeking religious freedom and an opportunity to live the way they believed scriptures taught them.  He briefly describes the early Berthaler Church, how a time of renewal happend and a church split occured.  One group kept the church and the other group kept the name and the church treasury. The group that  kept the church joined the Sommerfelder Church.  Bill describes the years of church building, difficulty in community relations and at what state it was in 1993.

Source of Acquisition

Gift by Bill Harder in 2003

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Accession 2003.010.