of Alberta

Judith Rempel fonds

Accession 2006.002,  2011.008, 2011.044, 2012.004, 2012.039, 2014.024 (all filed with 2012.039)

Title and Physical Description

Judith Rempel fonds. — [ca. 1890]-2011. — 35 cm of textual records — 1 print.

Administrative/Biographical History

Judith Dianne Rempel, 1952-2011, was born in Abbotsford, British Columbia to Bernhard Johann and Irene (nee Peters) Rempel. She was also known as Judii Rempel. She had been married to Eduardo Pabustan Jr. and later to Grant Allen Moberly. Judith completed high school at Mennonite Educational Institute in Abbotsford in 1970. She spent several years in Mennonite Central Committee voluntary service and employment in Akron, Pennsylvania and Winnipeg, Manitoba. She studied at the universities of Waterloo and Western Ontario, completing a BA and MA in sociology and completing the coursework toward a PhD in sociology with a specialization in social demography. Thereafter she was employed in the research field with the Manitoba Provincial Gerontologist in Winnipeg, the Vocational Rehabilitation and Research Institute in Calgary, and the City of Calgary. She contributed many volunteer hours and took on leadership roles with the Canadian Population Society (on the Board and as Vice Chairperson), Calgary Horticultural Society (on the Board and as Chairperson), the Alberta Family Histories Society (on the Board and as Vice Chairperson), and the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta (as Board Secretary and Coordinator). In the latter role, she established professional standards for the operation of the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta archives and library. She contributed many hours to making Mennonite genealogical resources available to the researching public through the development of transcriptions, indexes and other finding aids.

Scope & Content

The fonds includes personal files, Rempel family genealogical files, genealogical notes and reports by Judith Rempel, correspondence, research and subject files  and a printed engraving of Ferdinand Rempel.   A few files were donated by Judith Rempel while others were found in the office of the Mennonite Historical Society after Judith Rempel’s death.  Still others were transferred by Judith’s husband, Grant Moberly, after Judith’s death.   Some routine working papers were discarded.  The fonds was arranged in its present format by staff at the archives of the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta


Accession 2006.002,  2011.008, 2011.044, 2012.004, 2012.039, 2014.024 (all filed with 2012.039)
GRANDMA IV # 144667
Last updated June 2023 by Jim Bowman and Ted Regehr

File List

A. Personal files

1-1 File A-1 Judith Rempel curriculum vitae, 1999.
1-2 File A-2 Five university and special recognition certificates.
1-3 File A-3 Ten lengthy handwritten letters by Judith’s father [1985-1986}
1-4 File A-4 Detailed financial journal [no name given but probably Judith’s uncle, J. W. Rempel ], 1953-1966
1-5 File A-5 Fifteen original photographs of Judith Rempel and family members [c. 1956-2005]
1-6 File A-6 Eighteen original photographs of extended Rempel family members [1915-1950]  Filed with photographs
1-7 File A-7 Bernard Rempel (Judith’s father] funeral, 1987
1-8 File A-8 Story of Anna (Ketler) Rempel [Judith’s grandmother]
1-9 File A-9 Nine letters or fragments of letters from relatives in  the Soviet Union, [c. 1920s & 1930s]
1-10 File A-10 Judith’s M. A. Thesis, “Housing and Living Arrangements of the Elderly,” 1982.
1-11 File A-11 Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta work notebook 2002-2004
1-12 File A-12 Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta work notebook, 2004
1-13 File A-13 Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta, Reports to the Board, 2002-2007
1-14 File A-14 “Mennonite Genealogical Sources, 2001” paper prepared by Judith
1-15 File A-15 “Genealogical Tips” by Judith Rempel

B. Rempel family genealogical files

1-16 File B-1 Judith Rempel pedigree chart
1-17 File B-2 Rempel family Calendar, 1994, with numerous photographs and prints
1-18, File B-3 Rempel family genealogy notes
1-19 File B-4 Rempel family genealogical charts
1-20 File B-5 Rempel family genealogical notes
1-21 File B-6 Compact Disc of Genealogical Data collected by Judith Rempel
1-22 File B-7 “Familien-Chronik, Zweiter Band,” von David D. Rempel
1-23 File B-8 Bernhard Rempel Account book (farm and store in British Columbia, 1947-1953
1-24 File B-9 Familienchronik des Johann Jacob Rempel in Gruenfeld, 1921.
1-25 File B10 Engraving of Ferdinand Rempel (Filed with photographs)

C. Major genealogical notes and reports by Judith Rempel

2-26 File C-1 Descendants of Herman Bueckert
2-27 File C-2 Descendants of Isbrand Friesen
2-28 File C-3 Johannes Peters family

D. Correspondence, research and subject files

2-29 File D-1 Correspondence with Adelbert Goertz
2-30 File D-2 Correspondence with the American Society of Germans from Russia
2-31 File D-3 Family names of Prussian Mennonites
2-32 File D-4 Russian and Prussian Mennonite Villages
2-33 File D-5 Russian Mennonite Forestry Service Report, 1908
2-34 File D-6 West Reserve (Manitoba) research
2-35 File D-7 Fragmentary map of Barnaul (Siberia) settlement
2-36 File D-8 Notes from Hildebrand Chronicles and News-clippings
2-37 File D-9 J. J. Hildebrand “Zeittafel” translation project
2-38 File D-10 Jacob J. Hildebrand, “Emigration from Russia to Canada, 1923-1930”
2-39 File D-11 Langham (Saskatchewan) Times Notes and Clippings
2-40 File D-12 Photos of Namaka, Alberta (Filed with photographs)
2-41 File D-13 David Unrau “Recollections”
2-42 File D-14 Stories told by Pastor Samuel Keller
2-43 File D-15 Samuel Conenius, State Council for South Russian Settlements
2-44 File D-16 Swift Current Sommerfelder Mennonite Church Collection, ca. 1873-1951.
3-45 File D – 17 Meaning of Names
3-46 File D- 18 Dutch Patronymics of the 1600s.
3-47 File D – 19 Elements in Teutonic. Semitic, Greek, Celtic, Slavice & Miscellaneous Names.
3-48 File D – 20 Dutch Names
3-49 File D – 21 The Latinization of Names in the Middle Ages
3-50 File D – 22 Place name Etymology
3-51 File D – 23 Meaning and Root of Names (German Language)
3-52 File D – 24 Surname Essay
3-53 File D – 25 18th Century Pennsylvania Naming Conventions
3-54 File D – 26 Nogays, Doukhobors, Molokans
3-55 File D – 27 Manual for the writing of Congregational Histories, by Frank H. Epp
3-56 File D – 28 Judii Rempel’s Guide to Genealogy on the Internet, 2nd ed., 1999.

E. Calgary Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, Board of Directors’ files, 1992-2005

3-57 File E-2   Vision and By-laws
3-59 File E-3   Highlights  2001 and annual report
3-60 File E-4   Annual meeting 2002  I am not a stranger
3-61 File E-5   15th  Anniversary annual report  2003
3-62 File E-6   Board of directors, executive director’s reports, minutes of meetings, annual reports  2002
3-63 File E-7   Board of directors, executive director’s reports, minutes of meetings and annual reports. 2003
3-64 File E-8   Board of directors, executive director’s reports, minutes of meetings and annual reports  2004
3-65 File E-9   Board of directors, executive director’s reports, minutes of meetings  2005
3-66 File E-10   Towards meaningful citizenship