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Inventory of Odessa Archives, Fund (Collection) 6, Inventory 1 Microfilm

Extracted by Tim Janzen

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File 42: 1800-1812

  • Reports concerning election of Schulzes and Beisitzers in various colonies including the Molotschna Colony, the Chortitza Colony, and other Black Sea area colonies including Jamburg, Danzig, Josephstal, Ternowka, Neusaz, Kamenka; Rybalsk, Zurichstal, Heilbrun, Sudak, Baltachokrack, Chocurcha, Kishlav, Klosterdorf, Mulhausendorf, and Schlangendorf

File 65: 1801-1806

  • Vital records including births, marriages, and deaths in the Chortitza Colony during the following periods: January-November, 1801, January-May, July-November, 1802, January-May, 1803, and January-May, 28, 1806
  • Statistical data for the Chortitz Colony in 1801 and for the Swedish Josephstal, Rybalsk, Kronsgarten, and Jamburg Colonies from 1801 to 1803, for Belovezhye in 1805, and for the Danzig Colony in 1803
  • Correspondence regarding birth and death data as well as various colonists’ travels

File 67: 1801-1802

  • Economical reports and family census listings for the following villages: Chortitza, Schoenhorst, Neuenburg, Kronsweide, Einlage, Rosental, Schoenwiese, Insel Chortitza
  • Reports and lists of heads of households for the following colonies and villages: Swedish Colony, Jamburg, Neuenburg, Josephstal, Einlage, Schoenhorst, Schoenwiese, Chortitza, Kronsgarten, Neuendorf, Rosenthal, Insel Chortitza, and Kronsweide

File 92: 1801-1802

  • List compiled April 25, 1801 of single Mennonites and some other families not listed in the 1801 Chortitza Colony census who were not landowners
  • Reports concerning the welfare of individuals and about accidents
  • Absentees P. Friesen, Mr. Jantzen, Mr. Hubert, Mr. Andreas, Jacob Emrich of Rybalsk, and others are listed.

File 98: 1801-1808

  • Official correspondence for the Swedish, Danzig, Radichev, Josephstal, and Kronsweide Colonies
  • 1801 census and economical reports with family listings for the Josephstal, Rybalsk, Kronsgarten, Jamburg, Swedish, and Danzig Colonies
  • 1802 census for the Josephstal Colony, Rybalsk Colony, and Orelvsky Colony, Swedish Colony, and Neuenburg, Chortitza Colony
  • 1803 census for the Radichev Hutterite Colony and the Danzig Colony
  • Economical reports for the Chortitz District, Radichev Hutterite Colony, and the Danzig Colony with 1808 family listings for the Danzig Colony only
  • Report concerning numbers of those born, married, or deceased in Radichev Hutterite Colony in 1803
  • Chortitza Colony vital records for the period May to October, 1807; Belovezh data for 1808

File 138: 1804-1806

  • Information about building materials purchased for building houses by Mennonites in the Molotschna Colony
  • Plan for the Prischib Colony along the Molotschna River
  • Lists of families in need of lumber in the villages of Munsterberg, Lichtenau, Lindenau, Fischau, Schoenau, Muntau, and Halbstadt
  • Reports in regards to the Molotschna Colony

File 179 1806-1810:

  • Lists of recent settlers in the Chortitza and Molotschna Colonies in 1806
  • Reports from 1806 to 1808 concerning various Mennonites including David Penner’s application, Cornelius Epp’s loan, watch maker Johann Krueger, and Philipp Koehler among others

File 195: 1805-1820

  • Joesphstal and Chortitza District reports concerning cowpox vaccination among the colonists’ children
  • Correspondence between the Board of Guardians Committee and supervisors of the Swedish, Molotschna, Smolensk, Crimea, and Josephstal Colonies
  • Lists of vaccinated children in 1809 and 1814 in the Chortitza Colony villages
  • Population totals for the Chortitza Colony in 1812
  • Statistical data concerning the number of children vaccinated in the Molotschna Colony in 1817 and 1818.

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