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Census in Russia

  • Original Census
  • 1st Revision List
  • 2nd Revision List
  • 3rd Revision List
  • 4th Revision List
  • 5th Revision List, 1795 – State Archives, Dneprepetovsk (SADR)
    • contains information about the first nine Mennonite settlements in Chortitza
    • contains dates of arrival of individual Mennonites and their former residences
    • published in BH Unruh’s (1955) book on emigration of Mennonites from Prussia to Russia
  • 6th Revision List, 1811 – copy not located
  • 7th Revision List, 1815/16 – State Archives, Zaporozhye (SAZR)
    • contains information about Schoenwiese [and information about this village in the previous (1911) census]
    • only an alphabetic index remains for the other Chortitza settlements
    • No Moloschansk census materials remain
  • 8th Revision List, 1835 – State Archives, Odessa (SAOR)
    • records remain, fortunately cross-referencing data from 1815/16 census
    • Tedeyev makes no mention of non-Molotschna records
    • 1835 census has been filmed and several translations (two into English and one into German) exist
  • 9th Revision List, 1850
    • only the records for Schoenwiese of all Mennonite settlements are known to remain
    • at least two sources suggest that the other census/revision list materials for Mennonite settlements were transported to the Archives in Frankfurt on Oder in 1943 – but the have not yet been uncovered in recent decades
  • 10th Revision List, 1858 – State Archives, Odessa (SAOR)
    • German occupation of Russia in WWII led to efforts to move the records to Germany, but most were not
    • Mennonite settlement census records generally could not be found after WWII
    • However, ones for Bergthal, Mariupol; and Heuboden & Friedrichstahl are in SAZR or SADoR (State Archives of Donetsk)

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