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Census, Yazykovo, South Russia, 1869

Extracted by Tim Janzen

The 1869 table contains the census of the village of Nikolaifeld, Yazykovo Colony that was compiled in 1869. The original document is found in Fund F-59, Inventory 1, File 2 in the Zaporozhye Archives, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, and is written in German.

The census provides the following information:

  • name and age of all the people in each family
  • the village in the Chortitza Colony that the family was originally from
  • and the number of people in each family that the family was responsible to pay tax for

The names and locations have been transcribed as they appear in the original document without any attempt made to standardize them. I have also added a column in which I have entered the Grandma numbers for the heads of families who appear in the Grandma 3 database.

It appears that the census was updated within a year after the original census was taken in that some of the ages have been crossed out and updated ages one year greater than the age originally entered are written next to the ages originally entered. In this transcription of the census I have provided the ages as they were updated and not as they were originally entered.

The names of six people originally entered in the census, namely the servants Jacob Penner, Aganetha Ginter, Heinrich Wieb, and Johan Thiesen as well as Isaak Dyck and Julius Thoews’ wife Katharina are crossed out in the original document. It seems likely that they were living in Nikolaifeld when the census was originally taken, but were not present when the census was updated, either because they had died or had moved away, and their names were probably crossed out at that time. The data for these individuals appears in bold type in the transcription on this web site.

There are four families listed in this 1869 Nikolaifeld census that do not appear in the 1873 census of the Yazykovo Colony. The following are the heads of these four families:

  • Isaak Dyck
  • Salomon Esau
  • Johan Neufeld
  • and Johan Peters


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