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Census of Chortitza Colony, Merged 1801 & 1802 (Database)

GEDCOM Files . . .There are two versions of this merged 1801-1802 Chortitza Colony census database. One contains the original census data in which the names are spelled exactly as they appear in the census, except that the umlauts have been converted. The other is a modified version in which some surnames such as Pauels and Vriesen and some given names have been converted to more generally accepted forms. Each of these databases is available as a gedcom file that may be downloaded. To search the gedcom files most effectively I suggest researchers import the gedcom files into the Brothers Keeper program and conduct searches using the name codes as found in GRANDMA database. Researchers interested in conducting the most comprehensive review of the Chortitza Colony residents in 1801 and 1802 should download and search either of these gedcom files first.Right click to save to your hard drive:

Extracted by Tim Janzen

I have created a merged database of all of the available 1801 and 1802 Chortitza Colony census data that contains 1,828 people taken from the following sources:

  1. 1,665 people listed in the September 1, 1801 Chortitza Colony census
  2. 57 people listed in the October 15, 1801 Kronsgarten census
  3. 40 other people who are included only in the April 25, 1801 list of single people and families who were not landowners
  4. 13 people listed only in the 1802 Neuenburg census found in File #98
  5. 31 people listed only in the 1802 Neuendorf census previously published by B. H. Unruh
  6. 14 people listed in other villages in additional unpublished portions of the 1802 Chortitza Colony census.
  7. 8 people who were not listed in the 1801 or 1802 censuses themselves, but were referred to, usually as deceased heads of households.

In the gedcom files I have given children the surname of the head of the household unless children were designated as stepchildren in the census, even if it may be inferred from the ages of the head of the household and the ages of the children that he was clearly not the father of the older children. I have added the village and household number where each person was listed in the census in the immigration location field.

If you have any questions about any of this data feel free to contact me.

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