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Camrose Mennonite Fellowship fonds, 1979-2011, 60 cm and one photogrpah album

Camrose Mennonite Fellowship fonds, 1979-2011, 60 cm and one photograph album

Accession 2019.010

Administrative/Biographical History

The Camrose Mennonite Fellowship traces its beginnings to a meeting in the basement of the Murray and Sylvia Lauber home in March of 1979.  Participants decided to schedule once a month and later bi-weekly Bible studies.  On 11 April 1980 the decision was made to organize formally as a Fellowship. That was followed later in 1980 with the adoption of a constitution and incorporation of the Fellowship

Members came from several different Mennonite backgrounds.  The group therefore sought membership in three Mennonite conferences and joined both the Northwest Mennonite Conference and the Conference of Mennonites in Alberta (now Mennonite Church Alberta).

The group met in several community places before leasing and then purchasing the church bulding of  the Church of the Nazarene at 5204 – 53 Ave. in  Camrose.

John and Kathy Lenshyn moved to Camrose and joined the fellowship in 1981.  John was of Roman Catholic background.  He had, however, completed a degree at the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary and accepted a less than full-time call to serve as pastor of the Camrose Mennonite Fellowship.  He served in that capacity for five years, followed by David Letkemann who served for two years.  Peter and Agnes Nickel joined the Fellowship in 1990 and Peter served as pastor until 1996, at which time he retired officially.   The Nickels, however, contined to serve the Fellowship in many ways until Agnes’s death in 2006.  After Peter Nickel’s retirement, Eric Mierau serverd as non-resident part time pastor for a few years.

Activties of the Fellowship included Sunday morning worship services, Wednesday evening family nights, Bible studies, young peoples activities, two summers of Daily Vacation Bible School, and numerous potluck and family celebrations.

Membership in the Fellowship was always small.  Over the years there were often signficant transitions.  With the departure of some families and insufficient resources to engage a full-time pastor, it was decided in 2010 to dissolve the Fellowship.  The closing service was held on 26 June 2011.

Custodial History

The records of the Fellowship, together with a photograph album, were donated by Murray Lauber who initiated the first meetings and who, together with his wife Sylvia, provided continuing strong leadership and support.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of files pertaining to the organization of the Camrose Mennonite Fellowship, minutes and reports of council and congregational meetings, subject files and church bulletins.

Finding Aid: List of Files

1-1 Constitutions, 1989, 1993 and 2009.
1-2 Incorporation, 1980 and purchase of a  building, 1987.
1-3 Policies, 1980-1985.
1-4 Congregational and Annual Meetings, 1980-1984.
1-5 Council Minutes, 1980-1981.
1-6 Council Minutes, 1982.
1-7 Council Minutes, 1983.
1-8 Council Minutes, 1984,
1-9 Council Minutes, 1985.
1-10 Council Minutes, 1986.
1-11 Congregational Meetings, 1985-1987.
1-12 Congregational Meetings, 1988-1989.
1-13 Congregational and Council meetings, 1990.-1993
1-14 Congregational and Council meetings, 1994.
1-15 Congregational and Council meetings, 1995.
1-16 Congregational and Council meetings, 1996.
1-17 Congregational and Council meetings, 1997.
2-18 Congregational and Council meetings, 1998-1999.
2-19 Congregational and Council meetings, 2000-2001.
2-20 Congregational and Council meetings, 2002-2003.
2-21 Congregational and Council meetings,  2004-2006.
2-22 Congregational and Council meetings, 2007-2009.
2-23 Dissolution, 2012.
2-24 Closing Ceremony and History of Camrose Mennonite Fellowship, 2011 by Murray Lauber.
2-25 Membership lists.
2-26 Membership, Baptism and Transfer records.
2-27 Brief History published in Mennonite Reporter, 1981,
2-28 House Church Information, 1980.
2-29 Church Rental/Lease, 1982.
2-30 Church and Conference constitutions.
2-31 Correspondence, Conference of Mennonites in Alberta, 1981-1985.
2-32 Correspondence, Northwest Mennonite Conference, 1981-1986.
2-33 Correspondence, Northwest Mennonite Conference, 1981-1986.
2-34 Correspondence, Church and Conference commissions, 1981-1985,
2-35 Correspondence, Conference of Mennonites in Canada, 1982-1985.
2-36 Correspondence, General Conference Mennonite Church, 1982.
2-37 Correspondence. MCC, 1978-1984.
3-38 Pastoral Search, 1986,
3-39 Refugee Sponsorship, 1988.
3-40 “Neighbours Near and Far” Missions course, 1986.
3-41 Monthly Announcements, 1980-1983.
3-42 Bulletins, 1984,
3-43 Bulletins, 1985.
3-44 Bulletins, 1986.
3-45 Bulletins, 1987,
3-46 Bulletins, 1988.
3-47 Bulletings, 1989.
3-48 Bulletins, 1990.
3-49 Bulletins, 1991.
3-50 Bulletins, 1992.
3-51 Bulletins, 1993.
3-52 Bulletins, 1994.
3-53 Bulletins, 1995.
3-54 Bulletins, 1996.

Photograph Album, kept by Sylvia Lauber providing insights and focusing on both formal and casual events in the history of the Camrose Mennonite Fellowship.  The photos are being screened by Bill Janzen, a member of the Fellowship for many years, who is providing essential information about the more noteworthy photographs.