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Am Trakt

The three files linked from this page are translations of the 8 Nov 1857 Census (Revision List) of the Am Trakt Colony, which was located in the Novousensky District, Samara Province, Russia. The original document from which this translation was made is found in the Samara Archives, fonds (Records Group) 150, Inventory 1, File 142. This translation was done by Dmitri Panov and was sent by him to Kahlile Mehr, who had it placed on the Federation of Eastern European Family History Societies website. On 13 Jul 2005 Kahlile Mehr sent this file to Tim Janzen, giving him permission to post it on this web site.

This census is important because it was compiled only three years after the Am Trakt Colony was founded and is one of the earliest available lists of the original Mennonite settlers of this colony. The census contains information about those who settled in three villages in the Am Trakt Colony: Hahnsau, Koeppental, and Lindenau.

Researchers should bear in mind that Lindenau is referred to as “the Colony near the Tarlyk River” in this translation. It should also be noted that some of these Mennonites left Prussia a year or two earlier than when the revision list indicates. The Mennonite Historical Atlas, 2nd Edition (p. 134) indicates that the first group of 22 families left Prussia in the autumn of 1853, but this census only lists one of these families has having left Prussia in 1853.

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