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Comment from Evangeline on 8 Apr 2009

The man in this photo has been identified as Johann Heinrichs (1870-1949). He was born 17 March 1870 in the Chortitza Colony, South Russia, came to Canada with his parents in 1878. The family settled in Gruenthal, West Reserve. The lady with him is his first wife Anna Hiebert born 24 Feb 1873 in the Bergthal Colony, South Russia. She came to Canada with her parents in 1876, also settling in the village of Gruenthal on the West Reserve, Manitoba. Anna died 12 Jan 1894, leaving two very young daughters, Maria and Katharina. Johann Heinrichs remarried to Katharina Voth. The The child is most likely their first daughter Maria.

Thank you for posting the pictures, and thank you to the people who sent emails commenting on the pictures. There were some hints that helped solve the mystery.