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1906 Transcriptions


The 1906 Census was only collected in the prairies of Canada – for purposes of documenting the great volume of new immigrants who settleed there by that time. The Alberta Family Histories Society has established a centralized online 1906 Census Transcription Centre where the 800,000 records can be searched. Images of the original records may be read online at the National Archives of Canada website – as linked from the AFHS pages.

The MHSA has a summary set of links to the transcriptions pertinent to areas that were settled at that time (Mennonite communities). MHSA volunteers are contributing to this transcription work.

Here are the data transcriptions from the 1906 census for Mennonite communities in Canada’s Prairies.The census images for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta can be found online at the National Archives website.

The images from the 1906 Census for the Canadian Prairies is now publicly available at the National Archives Website. To use effectively, you’ll need to consult the map resources first to be sure you are pursuing the right geography – since the search tool only works on geographic (not name) fields.

Transcriptions of Note for Mennonite Research

Province District No. Subdistrict No. Link to Transcription Geographic Comments
No. Name
AB 18 Alberta 21 link
AB 18 Alberta 25 link
AB 19 Calgary 3 link
AB 19 Calgary 4 link
AB 19 Calgary 5 link
AB 19 Calgary 6 link
AB 19 Calgary 9 link
AB 19 Calgary 14 link (a) link (b)
AB 19 Calgary 15 link
AB 19 Calgary 16 link
AB 19 Calgary 20 link
AB 19 Calgary 21 link
AB 19 Calgary 22 link
AB 19 Calgary 23 link
AB 19 Calgary 25 link
AB 21 Strathcona 26 link (a) link (b) Includes Wetaskiwin area (but not Town)
SK 12 Assa. W 5 link (a)  link (b) E of Swift Current
SK 12 Assa. W 6 link Swift Current
SK 12 Assa. W 7 link W of Swift Current
SK 16 Sask 12 link W of Osler/Hague
SK 16 Sask 13 link Hague, Osler
SK 16 Sask 14 link E of Hague/Osler
SK 16 Sask 15 link E of Rosthern
SK 16 Sask 16 link Rosthern
SK 16 Sask 17  link W of Rosthern
SK 16 Sask 20 link Tiefengrund
SK 16 Sask 21 link N of Rosthern
SK 16 Sask 35 link Town of Rosthern
MB 3 Lisgar 1 link Halbstadt
MB 3 Lisgar 2 link Rosenfeld, Altona
MB 3 Lisgar 3 link W of Altona, Rosenfeld, Plum Coulee
MB 3 Lisgar 4 link Reinand
MB 3 Lisgar 5 link Plum Coulee
MB 3 Lisgar 6 link E of Morden, N of Winkler
MB 3 Lisgar 7 link Winkler , Reinland
MB 3 Lisgar 8 link W of Winkler, S of Morden
MB 3 Lisgar 9 link Morden
MB 3 Lisgar 10 link W of Morden, N of Morden
MB 3 Lisgar 14 link Manitou
MB 7 Provencher 1 link Arnaud, Dominion City
MB 7 Provencher 3 link E of Arnaud, S of Grunthal
MB 7 Provencher 8 link Kleefeld, Hochstadt, Grunthal
MB 7 Provencher 9 link N of Arnaud, W of Kleefeld, W of Hochstadt, W of Grunthal
MB 7 Provencher 10 link E of Morris
MB 7 Provencher 11 link Morris
MB 7 Provencher 12 link W of Morris
MB 7 Provencher 13 link Niverville
MB 7 Provencher 14 link Chortitz
MB 7 Provencher 15 link E of Chortitz, N of Kleefeld

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