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Margaret Riediger fonds

Accession. 2002.002, 2007.046 filed at 2002.002

Title and Physical Description

Margaret Riediger fonds. — 1918-1993. — 5 cm of textual records

Biographical History

Margaret Riediger, born ca. 1920 in Klinok, South Russia, immigrated with her family to Canada in 1926. She has expressed a keen interest in family history by translating documents prepared by her father, and his father before him. At time of accession, she lived in Coaldale, Alberta, and was a Member of the MHSA.

Scope & Content

The fonds consists of an account of the visit of the Czar to the Molotschna Colony in 1818; travel diary and reminiscences of the Riediger family’s emigration to Canada (1926); maps of Klinok and of the Molotschna Colony; correspondence from Margaret Riediger’s relatives and friends (1970-1993); and copies of the Gospels in Russian.

Source of Supplied Title

Title based on the contents of the fonds

Source of Acquisition

Gift by Margaret Riediger, 2002, 2007


German, Russian, Spanish and English

Originals and Reproduction

Some originals are in Margaret Riediger’s possession

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Acc. 2002.002, 2007.046 filed at 2002.002
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Revised November 2012

Files Inventory

A. Correspondence. — 1918-1926. — 5 cm of textual records 
The series consists of accounts of significant events in the Riediger family’s life, translated into English by Margaret Riediger.

1 – 1 The Diary of “Our Trip to America” July 7, 1926 – August 13, 1926 by Peter A. Riediger – 1926
1 – 2 My Own Memories of the Trip – n.d.
1 – 3 [Page from Peter Riediger’s diary showing his comparison of English/German words while on board] – 1926
1 – 4 [Map of area around Klinok, where Margaret Riediger was born] – n.d.
1 – 5 The Gracious Visit of the Czar in Lindenau, Molotschna, 1818 by Peter Riediger, based on writings of Minister David Riediger – n.d.
1 – 6 Plan der deutschen Molotschnaer Kolonien [Map of the Mennonite Molotschna Settlement, South Russia] – n.d.

B. Correspondence. — 1972-1993. — 3.5 cm textual materials 
The series consist of two sub-series: 1) Relatives and 2) Friends.

1. Relatives. — 1972-1993. — 2 cm textual materials
The series consist of holiday card greetings arranged by date

1-7 From family who fled to Uruguay, then later moved to Germany – 1972-1976
1-8 From relatives who escaped to Paraguay and later moved to Paraguay – 1972-1982
1-9 From a cousin wounded in the war – 1972-1988
1-10 From friends and relatives in Canada – 1974-1977
1-11 From an aunt and uncle in Russia – 1975
1-12 From family who moved from Germany to Russia – 1978-1993

2. Friends. — 1975-1993. — 1.5 cm textual materials
The series consists of holiday card greetings arranged by date

1-13 From a missionary friend in India – nd
1-14 From a missionary friend in Mexico – nd
1-15 From Russia to Germany – 1970, 1974
1-16 From a friend from Russia, and later Germany – December 1992

B. Gospels. — 0.5 cm of textual materials
The series consists of individual Gospels.  The series is arranged in Biblical order

1-17 The Gospel according to Mark (Russian)
1-18 The Gospel according to John (Russian)

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