of Alberta

Finding Aids

Links below are made to portions of our website that have indexes to or additional information about the records. There generally are lots of places where you can find these kinds of records on and offline.

Part I. Books, Periodicals & Archival Records of specific help to Family History Research

A. Records to help identify birth details

B. Records to help identify death details

  • Biographies
  • Cemetery Records – date of death on stone
  • Census Records – if the person appears in a family in one census and then is not in it at a later census (and can’t be presumed to have moved away)
  • Church Records – may include burial date & burial location
  • Family Histories/Genealogies
  • Local Histories – often towards the back of the book in alphabetical order by surname

C. Records to help identify marriage details

D. Records to help identify immigration details

E. Records to help identify how they spent their lives

  • Biographies – lots of Mennonites self-publish their memoirs
  • Census Records – identifies year of immigration
  • Conference Histories
  • Congregational Histories
  • Directories
  • Family Histories/Genealogies
  • Local Histories
  • Property Assessment Rolls
  • School Records
  • Service Organizations Histories

Part II. Records we have at the Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

A. Biographies

  • See BX 8107 Mennonite Encyclopaedia (thumbnail sketches) & online version – GAMEO
  • See BX 8141 (short biographies about a collection of people)
  • See BX 8143 (full-length book biographies about an individual or couple)
  • See Obituaries Indexes and Periodicals for Der Bote, Mennonite Brethren Herald, Gospel Herald, & Mennonite Life – may contain biographical information (periodical holdings at MHSA)
  • See F 1070 – Local Histories often contain short biographies
  • online biographical sketches
  • MHSA published book by Irene Klassen, Their Mark: Their Legacy (purchase)

B. Cemetery Records

  • See Cemetery Indexes (Call No. AI 1)

C. Census Records

D. Conference Histories

  • See BX 8103 or BX 8129

E. Congregational Histories

  • See BX 8132

F. Church Records

  • See BX 8129 (Bergthal Gemeinde Buch, Sommerfelder Gemeinde Buch, Reinlaender Gemeinde Buch, etc.) (purchase)
  • See: History of Sommerfelder Mennonite Church
  • See Chortitza Family Register (CD) (purchase)
  • See Finding Aid for Congregations

G. Directories

  • See BX 8107

H. Genealogies

  • See CS 38
  • See BX8119 – Henry Schapansky genealogically-focused book on first settler families of Chortitza settlement in Russia (available for purchase)
  • See Periodical shelf for Mennonite Family History, MHSA newsletter & queries in Mennonite Historian; also holdings of major papers


J. Local Histories

  • See F 1070 or F1075

K. Immigration Records/Passenger Lists

  • See BX 8129 (Bergthal Gemeinde Buch) – 1874-1880
  • See Germans from Russia data disk files from George Dorscher
  • See HA … for Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization Records (1923-1930) and Paraguay Immigration Lists (1926)
  • See Canadian Mennonite Board of Colonization fonds for records regarding settlement of Mennonites in Canada after WW II

L. Property Assessment Rolls

  • See 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve in library (purchase)

M. School Records

  • See BX 8107 for School Yearbooks

N. Service Organizations Histories (e.g. MCC, Women in Mission, etc.)

  • See BX 8103


Part III. Additional Finding Aids

Historical Societies

Immigration Records

1874-1888 Quebec Passenger List

Passenger List Hamburg to Canada 1890-1898

Immigration Records held at Govt. of Canada 1920 – later

Europe People Search

The Makhnovists and the Mennonites: war and peace in the Ukrainian Revolution


Die Mennonitische Rundschau